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Wellness centrum hotel Jezerka
Wellness & Spa centrum | Hotel Jezerka
Wellness & Spa_main | Hotel Jezerka
Upozornění pro návštěníky Wellness&Spa centra

V úterý 28.11. bude v čase od 16:30 - 18:30 uzavřené celé Wellness&Spa centrum.

Ve dnech 18. a 19. 12. bude z provozních důvodů uzavřen celý hotel včetně Wellness&Spa centra.

One of the most modern Wellness & Spa in the Czech Republic

Come immerse yourself in an oasis of peace and harmony in a pleasant environment with a total area of 800 m². The wellness offers a great experience and pleasant relaxation.


The entry to the Aquafit centre for guests staying at the hotel is admission free for one hour per day (1 night = 1 hour).

To enter the Wellness & Spa area, guests have a discounted admission fee.


Current occupancy

Wellness & Spa centrum | Hotel Jezerka

Wellness & Spa centre

First-class swimwear-free wellness with more than eighteen sections


Privátní wellness | Hotel Jezerka

Private wellness

Three separate private sections for rent


Akvafit centrum | Hotel Jezerka

Aquafit centre

Indoor hotel swimming pool with salt water, whirlpool, steam sauna and infrared cabin


Masáže a kosmetika | Hotel Jezerka

Massages and cosmetic care

Let yourself be pampered by our professional massage therapists and beauticians. You will love our procedures.


Wellness services

The opening hours of the particular parts of Wellness & Spa are different.
Private wellness, massages and cosmetic care have to be booked in advance.

 Spectacular wellness with more than 18 sections
 Three separate private sections
 Free parking
 Vital bar
 Gift cards
 Club card with 20% discount