Aquafit centre

vnitřní bazén

Opening hours and general information


Mo - Su

07:00 - 21:00


The entry to the Aquafit centre for guests staying at the hotel is admission free for one hour.


The Aquafit centre also includes a bar with refreshments and places to sit and relax (the bar is only open during the summer months or when ordered).

Indoor hotel pool

The hotel has an indoor pool with dimensions of 12 x 5 m and a depth of 1.3 m. This allows not only recreational swimming, but also relaxation and collective exercise - aqua aerobics.

The water temperature of the hotel swimming pool is 28°C. The water is salty with a concentration of about 0.5% salt and no artificial chemical elements - especially chlorine - are added to the water. Therefore, the bath is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. The heated floor and other relaxation options available on its premises also contribute to the overall well-being by the pool.

Akvafit centrum | Hotel Jezerka


When staying in the Aquafit centre, you can use a whirlpool with a water temperature of 37°C. The whirlpool is for a maximum of 4 people. The water is treated with chlorine. A relaxing whirlpool bath relaxes muscles, stimulates blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and relieves pain.

Akvafit centrum | Hotel Jezerka

Steam and infrared sauna

The steam sauna is for 4 people. The air temperature here reaches 45 degrees, its humidity is more than 90%. Staying in a steam sauna relaxes the airways and has a beneficial effect on the body in general.

 45 °C
 to 90 %

An infrared sauna (about 50 degrees) for two people is used to warm the body through without having to stay in high temperatures, typical of a Finnish sauna.

 50 °C
Akvafit centrum | Hotel Jezerka

Wellness services

The opening hours of the particular parts of Wellness & Spa are different.
Private wellness, massages and cosmetic care have to be booked in advance.

 Spectacular wellness with more than 18 sections
 Three separate private sections
 Free parking
 Vital bar
 Gift cards
 Club card with 20% discount