Congresses and conferences

Kongresy a konference | Hotel Jezerka
Kongresy a konference | Hotel Jezerka
Kongresové centrum hotel Jezerka

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The perfect place for you

Hotel Jezerka offers you an interesting spectrum of all services.

We will arrange for you accommodation, meals, leisure programmes or spaces for events, lend you equipment and also arrange any special requirements. At the highest level, we will prepare a perfect space for organising large or small events.

Kongresy a konference | Hotel Jezerka

Congress hall

The congress hall can accommodate up to 380 people in a theatrical arrangement. In a school classroom arrangement, it accommodates around 250 people. The hall is equipped with a main laser projector and two side projectors. The image can also be displayed on four LED monitors on the sides of the hall.


The hall is equipped with air conditioning, ventilation and sound system installation. The audio-visual equipment is controlled by a wireless system.


Scenic lighting can be used in addition to the basic rental. It is possible to enter the hall by car. The vestibule and adjacent spaces can be used, for example, for the presentation of participants or exhibitors.

 for up to 380 people
Kongresy a konference | Hotel Jezerka

Great Hall

The capacity of the great hall is 100 people in a theatrical arrangement and about 80 people in a school classroom arrangement. It offers air conditioning, ventilation, multi-channel surround sound system installation, black-out and partially daylight.


The image is transmitted by a laser projector to a screen with a width of 280 cm. There is a vestibule with a bar situated between the great hall and the congress hall.


Other halls and smaller lounges are adapted for groups from 8 to 70 people.

 for up to 100 people
Kongresy a konference | Hotel Jezerka

Other halls and smaller lounges are adapted for groups from 8 to 70 people.

Small lounges

A small hall
 for up to 94 people
Blue room
 for up to 44 people
Yellow room
 for up to 44 people
Red room
 for up to 18 people
Green room
 for up to 18 people
Colour room
 for up to 48 people
Lobby room
 for up to 16 people
Wine bar KC
 for up to 40 people
Salon Depandance
 for up to 32 people
Restaurant Depandance
 for up to 30 people

Why organise your conference at our hotel?

  • Very good accessibility of the hotel from both Prague (110 km) and Brno (120 km), we are located on the border of the Vysočina region and the Pardubice region.
  • The capacity of the hotel is 230 fixed beds, including extra beds we can accommodate up to 300 people.
  • The largest congress hall can accommodate up to 350 people.
  • In addition to the congress hall, we have ten other halls and lounges with a capacity from 10 to 120 seats.
  • There are sufficiently large parking areas around the hotel.
  • We offer a high standard of services.
  • We offer beautiful and modern representative spaces.
  • We are located in a picturesque natural location near the Seč dam.
  • We offer a great range of accompanying activities right on the hotel premises, which you can use to liven up your event or team building. We have extensive experience with such events. We are a stable company with a rich history and professionals in our team.

Do you want a no-obligation inquiry?

Do you need advice on your event? Ask about a space for a corporate event, prepare a price offer or recommend our congress services?

Do not hesitate to contact our sales department that will prepare with you everything necessary from A to Z to your satisfaction. Our long-time experience is at your complete disposal. We offer top-notch equipment and technical facilities, varied spaces, first-rate accommodation, free high-speed wi-fi, parking, special menus and more.