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privátní miniwellness

Opening hours and general information


Mo - Su

08:00 - 00:00

Booking in advance is required.


The entry to this part of the wellness centre is not age-restricted and it is not a swimwear-free zone.

When entering the Wellness & The spa has a separate reception, where you will receive a sarong and a wellness towel in the price of admission.

We offer three private wellness zones.

For reservations, please contact the reception of the wellness & spa centre by email at or by phone at 469 318 381

Private mini wellness

In the main building of the wellness & spa centre, you can use private mini wellness with a whirlpool and Finnish sauna for absolute privacy. If you want to relax as a couple, this space is the ideal choice. Among other things, there is a shower, a mini bar with drinks and a comfortable sofa where you can relax. There is also a TV and a player. Intimate lighting contributes to the pleasant mood.

Privátní wellness | Hotel Jezerka

Private wellness Party

In the extension of the wellness & spa centre you can find, among others, another private section called "Party".

This space can be rented separately for a minimum time of 90 minutes. The private wellness "Party" is designed for a maximum of 6 people. You can find here a Finnish sauna for 5 people, a large whirlpool that comfortably accommodates 5 people, a shower, an LCD TV, a mini bar and a relaxation area with a corner sofa.

Combining the other areas in the extension of the wellness & spa centre with the "Party" can create two other options suitable for closed companies of 15 to 30 people.

Privátní wellness | Hotel Jezerka

Private relaxation room Romantic

Another private relaxation room is called "Romantic". This relaxation room can be rented separately for a minimum time of 90 minutes. The relaxation room is designed for 2 people.

The private relaxation room includes an infrared bench equipped with modern broad-spectrum infrared radiators that provide a complete glowing spectrum of infrared radiation and, as an added value, emit a pleasant orange light that has a positive effect on the psyche. The relaxation room also offers a comfortable double bed, a mini bar with drinks, a modern LCD TV and a shower. The romantic atmosphere is emphasised by dim LED lighting, where you can set the colour of the light yourself.

If you book this private relaxation room at a time when the public part of the wellness & spa is open, you can use all the other attractions of the public part of the wellness & spa centre both in the main building and in the extension, provided that they are not booked by another group.

Privátní wellness | Hotel Jezerka

Wellness services

The opening hours of the particular parts of Wellness & Spa are different.
Private wellness, massages and cosmetic care have to be booked in advance.

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