Wellness & Spa centre


Opening hours and general information


Monday - Friday

13:00 - 22:00

From October to the end of April, it is open at weekends and on holidays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Current occupancy


The entry to this part of the hotel is only possible for people over the age of 15. It is a swimwear-free and quiet zone.

When entering the Wellness & Spa, there is an independent reception where you receive a sarong and a wellness towel included in the admission fee.

Hotel guests must have a room card to enter and close the locker.

We do not book access to public areas of Wellness & Spa. Massages must be ordered, preferably in advance.

Finnish saunas

 85 - 95 °C
 0 - 5 %

For most sauna lovers, the Finnish sauna is a classic for which they go to wellness centres. In our hotel, you can find two Finnish saunas. The smaller one is in the main part and is lined with fragrant cedar wood. The larger one is located behind the outdoor terrace and its ceiling is decorated with chipped cedar wood.

Wellness & Spa centrum | Hotel Jezerka

Biosauna and tropical sauna

 35 - 55 °C
 50 - 60 %

These two saunas are suitable for people who find it harder to tolerate high temperatures. The biosauna is, in connection with aromatic essences which are applied to the bowls above the stove, a combination of sauna and aromatherapy. The tropical sauna is from the operational point of view a wetter type of sauna thanks to a small lake with a waterfall. The circulation of water on the built-in rock attraction causes the necessary evaporation of water in the stove-heated cabin.

Wellness & Spa centrum | Hotel Jezerka

Infrared cabin, infrared bench, sun meadow

 40 - 55 °C
 to 60 %

Infrared cabins and infrared benches are equipped with Vitae radiators that produce different wavelengths of radiation, which means they not only heat the skin, but the radiation also permeates the hypodermis. The radiators have healing effects. Infrared cabins are suitable for people who find it hard to tolerate high temperatures.

The sun meadow works on the principle of infrared radiation, which warms the skin and gives a light tan. There are deckchairs in the area where you can calmly relax. We recommend wearing sunglasses or keeping your eyes closed.

Wellness & Spa centrum | Hotel Jezerka

Salt bath with inhaler and hammam

 35 - 45 °C
 70 - 100 %

Hot steam with salt essence combined with salt stone has a pleasant effect on airways and skin. In the Turkish hammam, hot steam with mint or other essences will have a beneficial effect on you. Both of these steam procedures have an effect on the regeneration of overstrained muscles and joints, relax the airways and work favourably in the treatment of cold.


A tepidarium and Cupid’s chamber

The tepidarium is a type of warming room combined with a relaxation room. It can be used both before and after sauna procedures or massages. It is used to warm the body through and to relax and rest.

A heated water bed in Cupid’s chamber allows you to relax in maximum privacy away from other visitors to the wellness & spa centre.


Whirlpools, counter-current swimming pool and Kneipp walkway

 Pool: 32 °C
 Hot tubs: 36 °C

There is an indoor circular whirlpool and an outdoor stainless steel whirlpool in the public area. If you long for privacy, but also want to use other services in the public area of the wellness & spa centre, you can separately rent a rooftop whirlpool for an extra fee. You can also use an indoor pool with countercurrent and spout to have fun in the water.

The so-called Kneipp walkway is an excellent procedure for blood circulation in the lower limbs. It is recommended that you step slowly from one foot to another in the pool. After about 1 minute (individual choice) step over into the neighbouring pool and the previously mentioned movement is again recommended for the individually chosen period of time.

Wellness & Spa centrum | Hotel Jezerka

Cooling pools, ice bucket, ice and foot bath

Indoor and outdoor cooling pools, a bucket of ice water and flake ice can be used to cool down after sauna procedures. The way to cool down is individual for everyone and it is therefore necessary to use cooling pools with caution and, if necessary, consult with the staff or a doctor before entering. The cold causes the blood vessels to constrict and brings the blood circulation back to a stable state. Restoring the "cooled" bloodstream is accelerated by using a warm foot bath while sitting. The foot bath takes 3-5 minutes. It is necessary to have a quick shower before entering the cooling pool!


Relaxation rooms and Vital bar

Relaxation after staying in the warming rooms is recommended in a horizontal position on the deckchairs. For example, you can use the Sunset relaxation room, followed by two private relaxation rooms with heated water beds. In good weather, you can use the sunbeds on the Sunrise terrace. It is necessary to strictly abide by the resting regime in the relaxation rooms. It is also recommended to replenish fluids when resting - non-alcoholic, non-carbonated (water, fruit drinks, etc.). Drinks will be prepared for you at the Vital Bar, where we also offer popular fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Wellness & Spa centrum | Hotel Jezerka

Wellness services

The opening hours of the particular parts of Wellness & Spa are different.
Private wellness, massages and cosmetic care have to be booked in advance.

 Spectacular wellness with more than 18 sections
 Three separate private sections
 Free parking
 Vital bar
 Gift cards
 Club card with 20% discount