General information

There is possible to visit vertical solarium Dr Kern for the hotel guests. Solarium is fixed with the most modern solar tubes Max Warp. These solar tubes comply with the European Artificial Sunbathing Standard. Service is done by an expert firm, which guarantees healthy and quality suntan. The customer may not be concerned about his health.  

Solarium is run as self-serviced. At the main hotel reception the customer gets the keys from solarium and buys the number of counters according to the length of sunbathing. Then the customer gets the special sunglasses. The customer can buy special sunbathing creams for solaria. Solarium is placed next to the exercise room and the gym at the squash courts. How to use the solarium will be explained to you by the receptionists.

Recommended length of sunbathing is at least 14 minutes. For darker or already suntan skin the stay could be lengthen up to 21 minutes.

Instructions for solarium users

  • With all queries ask the receptionists.
  • You should not enter the solarium if you are under 18 or if your skin type is very light.
  • In case of skin problems or reactions on skin after UV radiation, please consult with your doctor.
  • Wear protective sunglasses during sunbathing.
  • Remove all cosmetic preparations, deodorants, perfumes etc., because they can cause skin irritation or even allergic reaction in contact with UV light. Please take off the jewellery before sunbathing!
  • Who takes some pills, must consult with doctor about the treatment in connection with UV light.
  • Do not put suntan on the skin.  Use only special cosmetics for sunbathing in solarium.
  • One sunbathing a day. Keep recommended times for sunbathing. These must be adapted to the kind of machine and your type of skin. Follow the safety instructions on the machine.
  • Avoid red skin (sunstroke). If there is a red skin, the time for radiation must be shortened. If there is an inflammation or blisters on the skin, go to the doctors straight away.
  • Put the special moisturiser milk to your skin.
  • Between the first and second radiation should be a gap of at least 48 hours.


1 counter for 7 minutes 60 CZK

Obsazenost wellness

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Wellness & SPA

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hotel Jezerka

O hotelu

Kongres hotel Jezerka je moderní hotel zaměřený na firemní akce a rekreační pobyty. Nachází se v krásné přírodní oblasti východních Čech v samém srdci CHKO Železné hory.

Okolí hotelu je krásné a jako stvořené pro rekreaci, odpočinek a sportovní či kulturní aktivity.

Hotel se nachází v těsné blízkosti sečské přehrady a zříceniny hradu Oheb a hradu Vildštejn. Hotel je vzdálen 110km od Prahy a 130km od Brna a díky své skvělé lokaci je dostupný z každého koutu republiky.