Tunnel Shooting Range

The Hotel has a tunnel shooting range with two shooting boxes. Each shooting box has the target at a distance of 19.5 metres. The guests are only allowed to enter into the shooting range with the shooting range manager, during opening times as indicated below, upon prior booking (at least 48 hours in advance).

Those wishing to train shooting, but having not firearm licence, can only train under escort by a trainer.

Entering into the shooting range, every guest must show his/her identity card, become familiar with the usage rules and enter its name in the shooting range log. Any firearm licence holder must show his/her licence. Access of persons being under the influence of alcohol, drugs and narcotics is strictly prohibited.

Firearm licence holders having own weapons shall also use own ammunition. Weapon calibres must be maximum 9 x 19mm and muzzle energy maximum 600J. If so, the shooter will only pay the rent for the shooting range (shooting box). Ammunition solely cannot be bought, and the weapon can only be lent together with the trainer. The persons having not firearm licence and wishing to shoot as well as those wishing to borrow a weapon shall pay the rent for the shooting box, trainer, weapon, used ammunition, targets and shooting accessories.

Shooting range managers: Pár Radek, Skokan Karel, Ing. Beránek Vladimír

Rules of usage of the Hotel Jezerka Shooting Range.


Provozní doba střelnice
Tuesday 10 - 17 hours
Thursday 10 - 17 hours
First Sundays in each month 10 - 15 hours


Groups are allowed upon prior agreement, also beyond the opening hours.


Shooting range 400 CZK / 1 box / 30 minutes
1 box = maximum 2 persons  
Entire shooting range = 2 boxes, maximum 4 persons  


Air gun 50 CZK / unit / 30 minutes
Gallery gun 200 CZK / unit / 30 minutes
Automatic pistol CZ 75 D COMPACT (2 units) 350 CZK / unit / 30 minutes
Automatic pistol CZ 75 SP–01 (1 unit) 350 CZK / unit / 30 minutes
Automatic pistol WALTHER P22Q (2 units) 350 CZK / unit / 30 minutes


For the weapons borrowed in the Jezerka Hotel, only ammunition provide by the Hotel can be utilised.


Ammunition, targets, accessories
Air gun ammunition 5 CZK / 10 units
Gallery gun ammunition 3 CZK / 1 unit
Ammunition 9mm Luger 11 CZK / 1 unit
Ammunition 22LR 6 CZK / 1 unit
Shooting accessories (ear protectors and goggles) 10 CZK / 1 person
Target 10 CZK / unit
Target plugs 10 CZK / 50 units
Trainer 400 CZK / 30 minutes / max. 4 persons

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