Golf simulator

Golf simulator enables to play at 56 courses Visual Sports golf and at 15 courses Real golf, then driving range, nearest to pin, longest drive and chipping practise.


  • Simple control during the play (thanks to the touch screen or joystick)
  • Multifunctional device – ice-hockey, football, golf
  • All games are played with real balls and equipment (ice-hockey with ice-hockey stick and puck etc.)
  • Ideal for training or simple competitions – possibility of names writing
  • Great graphics with new realistic GPC software
  • Reliable and trouble-free system of scanning
  • Every sport is played at several levels – game is possible not only for children but also for adults, amateurs or professionals


  • Great and real mountains, forests, sand, beach, infrastructure of the courses/pitches/ fields, rocks, trees and water barriers etc.
  • Lively panorama with trees, grass, flags waving in wind
  • Before every hole - hole flybys
  • After stroke – several possibilities of ball flight
  • Surround sound – sound of nature etc.
  • Possibility of setting meters or yards
  • Stroke play, match play, stable-ford
  • Possibility of play all 18 holes or first 9 holes as well as last 9 holes
  • Possibility of use HCP, saving your profile for next game or break the game and saving it
  • Possibility of weather settings – rain, wind, overcast, sunny, fog or other kind of weather according to your requirements
  • Adjustable speed and hardness of the green
  • Several possibilities during the game – e.g. mulligan, player skip, replay of the last shot
  • Display of the last shot data etc.


Real Sports is world first multifunctional system, which simulates several games. At this device you can play golf at 18-hole course, train ice-hockey or football and many more. Adjustable levels enable using this device by not only beginners, but also by advanced players.

Pricelist - golf simulator
Golf simulator 350 CZK / hour

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Okolí hotelu je krásné a jako stvořené pro rekreaci, odpočinek a sportovní či kulturní aktivity.

Hotel se nachází v těsné blízkosti sečské přehrady a zříceniny hradu Oheb a hradu Vildštejn. Hotel je vzdálen 110km od Prahy a 130km od Brna a díky své skvělé lokaci je dostupný z každého koutu republiky.