Accomodation pricelist

Type Price / night Photo
Single room - Superior 1 250,- CZK  photo
Twin room - Superior 1 500,- CZK photo
Twin room 1 250, - CZK photo
Three-bed room 1 590,- CZK photo
Two-bed suite
One bedroom with two beds and a living room
1 600,- CZK photo
Four-bed suite
Two bedrooms with two beds and a living room with a folding articulated sofa (unfolds to two beds)
2 690,- CZK photo

Double bed relax suite
Double-bed bedroom with a living room and a whirlpool

2 000,- CZK photo
Minister suite
A living room with a king size bed and a two-bed bedroom

2 690,- CZK

double room annexe

1 250,- CZK

three-bed room annexe

1 590,- CZK

relaxing room annexe

1 800,- CZK

room for disabled people

1 000,- CZK

From the above mentioned prices the price for 5 or less nights will be counted according to your requirements. There is one hour in AQUA centre for free included in the price, the whole day access to the outdoor swimming pool and possible attendance at the animation programme. Hotel guests also have a bonus of 50 CZK/night which can be deducted from the entrance to the Wellness centre.

  • Possibility of parking under the roof: 50 CZK / night
Accommodation includes the access to the AQUA centre for one hour daily (indoor swimming pool/12m/, whirlpool bathtub, steam sauna, infra cabin)

Structure of the accommodation capacity - Hotel: 25 twin rooms (3 rooms without a balcony), 24 three-bed rooms (availability of the extra bed), 1 four-bed room, 5 suite (four-bed room + availability of 2 extra beds), 1 double-bed suite (double bed + availability of 2 extra beds), 1 ministerial suite (four beds). 34 twin rooms – block C, 2 single-bed rooms – block C, 4 double-bed suites. Each room has its own bathroom, a shower and a balcony.
Structure of the accommodating capacity – Annexe: 12x double-bed rooms - annexe, 2x three-bed rooms - annexe, 1x twin rooms for disabled people - annexe, 1x twin relaxing room with a massage bath-tube - annexe.


  • Discounts on these prices are honoured based on a specific quotation.
  • The price of accommodation does not include breakfast, but it is automatically counted according to the number of accommodated people.
  • We accept Ticket Benefits when calculating accommodation and sports ground usage.
  • We also accept beneficial vouchers Cheque Déjenuer: UNIŠEK, ŠEK DOVOLENÁ, UNIŠEK+, CADHOC, Benefit plus and disability vouchers ZTP and ZTP/P
  • The vouchers and cheques cannot be combined with a special offer of the hotel.


Prices of board:

Services provided Adults - all-year round prices, including VAT 3-12-year-old children - all-year round prices, incl. VAT
Breakfast (CZK/day) 110 CZK 75 CZK
Lunch (CZK/day - soup + main course) 160 CZK 100 CZK
Dinner (CZK/day) 200 CZK 130 CZK
Half board (CZK/day/person) 310 CZK 205 CZK
Full board (CZK/day/person) 470 CZK 305 CZK

Children up to 3 are accommodated free of charge if they do not have their own bed and board. Dog fee: 100 CZK/day. Extra bed: 200 CZK/day/standard room, 350 CZK/day/superior room. Baby cot: 120 CZK/day. Breakfast buffet, dinner consist of choise from 4 meals. Individual agreements with corporate clients

Pricelist is valid from 1/1/2015. Operator reserves the right to change the price according to the actual VAT rates. If it is not mentioned differently, prices of accommodation and breakfast include 15% VAT and everything else 21% VAT.

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